Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Why Renters should use an Online Rent Payment System?

Having a landlord that accepts online rent payments creates flexibility for renters to make payments on-time. This is the best way to keep an optimistic renter-landlord relationship, and reduces risk and worry for both renters and landlords. If your landlord is not offering an online rent payment system today, let them know that they do have this option available. 

Renters can learn more about why they should be using an online rent payment system through Schedule My Rent. Schedule My Rent offers online rent payment software. Continue reading below to learn more about the convenience and security benefits for renters.

Convenient Payments
Renters can make rent payments from anywhere and anytime. This prevents late payments and recurring fees due to late payments. You can conveniently pay rent on-time even though you have a busy lifestyle.

Safe and Secure Payments
Online rent payments by Schedule My Rent are a safe transaction. Your personal information and bank information is protected. This is also a safer alternative to writing checks and paying in cash. As checks and cash can get lost in the mail. 

Easy to Manage
Online rent payments are real-time transactions. This makes rent easy to track. You can look at past payments and also set up automatic withdrawals from your bank account. Online rent payment software from Schedule My Rent makes everyone’s life easier.

Schedule My Rent
Schedule My Rent offers landlord and property management software to help renters pay rent online. We love simplifying online rent payments for renters. If you’re a landlord or renter needing an online payment system that is safe and reliable, learn more about Schedule My Rent. We want to tell you more about who we are and what we do. Call 844-465-3339 or email support@ScheduleMyRent.com for any additional questions.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

5 Reasons to Collect Rent Online

Many of our landlords indicate rent collection is their biggest hassle in managing properties, even above evictions and dealing with criminal activity. If you have had to track down lost or late payments, you know what they’re referring to. Chasing down payments can be a time sink and create strains in the landlord/tenant relationship.

Though there are many reasons people are late on rent payments, one of the top reasons is they simply forgot to send it in. This, along with many other reasons, is why our landlords and tenants both see the many benefits of online rent payments. Additionally, with nearly two-thirds of millennials preferring to pay bills online, it’s essential that the modern landlord provide online payment options to tenants.

Here are five reasons why online rent collection saves our landlords and tenants time and is much more convenient than traditional check or cash-based payments.

5 Great Reasons to Collect Rent Online

1.      Ease of Recurring Payments
With online rent payment software, tenants are able to quickly and easily schedule recurring rent payments. This means tenants can automatically pay rent on the same day each month, eliminating the ‘I just forgot’ scenario. It also saves our tenants time, in writing checks, mailing them, and checking to see if their payment arrived on-time. No need to go to the post office for stamps either. Tenants are not the only ones who save time. Landlords also see the benefit, by eliminating the need to go to the post office box, collect rent envelops, track them in spreadsheets, and go to the bank to deposit them. Online rent payments are a huge time-saver for both landlords and tenants.

Landlord software, such as Schedule My Rent, allows tenants to schedule rent payments from their bank accounts on the same day each month. It even enables tenants to approve each monthly payment separately. Today’s modern tenants prefer flexibility in payment options, and landlords looking to offer optimal solutions are wise to consider Schedule My Rent’s landlord software products.

2.      Fewerlate rent payments
Online payment software enables the landlord to automatically send reminder notifications to tenants each month – emailing them to let them know their rent is due. With this pre-notification, landlords experience fewer late rent submittals.

If a payment is submitted after the due date, email reminders for late rent are also a great feature. With Schedule My Rent, late fees can be added when a payment is paid past the lease due date. By automating the late fee process and communications, our landlords find increased understanding of payment expectations, reducing unnecessary strain on the landlord/tenant relationship.

3.   Real-time rent payment status
As a tenant or landlord, it’s reassuring to be able to go online and check the status of your rent payment in real time on a Landlord Software Dashboard. With online rent payment options, like Schedule My Rent, tenants are able to view a complete status of their account, are able to authorize one-time fees (such as late fees or a one-time bill payment) and are able to split rent payments between roommates. Another great feature to online rent payments is the electronic receipt of payment. Tenants can be reassured that their payment is received and have full visibility to the date and amount submitted – for both landlord and tenant.

Schedule My Rent’s services include receiving an ACH payment in 3 days, as a standard. Attaining your money sooner enables landlords to achieve improved return on investment.

4.   Property Management Streamlining
Many landlord software providers require unique passwords and logins for each property a landlord manages, making it difficult to view payment status across multiple properties or accounts. With Schedule My Rent, landlords are able to see a complete account of amounts due for each property and across properties with a single log in, saving landlords significant set-up and viewing time.

To better enable landlords to manage their properties, Schedule My Rent provides landlords with a status e-mail collection report reflecting the complete payment status by property and across their real estate portfolio. With this feature, landlords are able to spend more time increasing profitability in other areas.

In managing properties, landlords are looking to receive rent payments as quickly as possible to better enable them to meet mortgage commitments and to improve cash flow. Schedule My Rent’s everyday 3 day ACH processing time is standard, and enables landlords to count on payments receipt in this time-frame.

5. Rent Payment Security.
Online rent payments have the added benefit of increased payment security. With electronic payments, there’s a reduction in the likelihood of loss of payment or the potential for another party to fraudulently use the account information on your paper check. Online rent payment is one of the most secure options for both you and the tenant.

In a recent report titled Identity Fraud Consumer Report, authors encourage customers to “use online bill pay whenever possible.” With Schedule My Rent, all personal payment information is encrypted, and the transaction is fully secure.

As landlord software for online rent collection can save both landlord and tenant time in many aspects of the rental management process, consider Schedule My Rent for your electronic rent payment needs.

Monday, 5 March 2018

How Resident Portal makes Online Rent Payment Easy

Top-notch landlord and property managers put their tenant needs first. They understand the importance of making online rent payment easy with a resident portal or tenant portal. Taking advantage of an online rent payment system has many benefits including:

·         Convenience: Online rent payments allow residents to pay rent anytime and from anywhere. This prevents residents from having to write checks or send cash in the mail. This also helps protect tenant’s information. Automatic payments create effortless options to pay rent on-time. Having a busy schedule or traveling is not an excuse with the convenience of online payments. With automatic payments, residents don’t have to worry about late fees.

·         Connectivity: Resident portals are a great way for residents and landlords to stay connected. Resident portals can help streamline the communication process between the two parties. Tenants can make maintenance request from the tenant portal or communicate concerns. It is also a great way for property managers to track work orders and maintenance completions.

·         Community: When you are connected to an online rent payment portal and set up automatic payments it helps for fewer mistakes to be made. The synergy of having both parties happy creates a better sense of community. It is also a great platform to collaborate on events, occasions or news.

Using a tenant portal has numerous benefits for tenants. A resident portal or tenant portal make tenants lives easier and simplifies paying rent! If you’re a tenant needing an online payment system that is safe and reliable, tell your property manager about Schedule My Rent. Visit us and learn more about who we are and what we do. Call 844-465-3339 or email support@ScheduleMyRent.com for any questions.

Monday, 26 February 2018

4 Steps to Becoming a Great Landlord

Being a landlord has ups and downs, but experienced property management landlords find a few simple steps make it easier to do it well. When first starting out, Joe managed his single apartment unit casually without landlord software. He wasn’t sure that a lease was needed for one apartment and figured he could manage things as they came up. Well, after a few issues and many unexpected expenses, Joe made the choice to always have a lease agreement in place. He discovered how useful it was for both the tenant and himself to understand expectations. 

The more experiences you have as a landlord, the more prepared you are for things to come and to improve your tenant’s experience as well. You may be thinking there’s too much work involved in being a landlord. As experienced landlords share, a few steps can remove some of the hassles.
Whether you are a seasoned property owner, or a just starting out, below are a few steps to take to get on the path to becoming a good landlord.

1)  A lease? Always.
Whether you are like Joe with one property, or own several units, having a lease agreement in place is a must for property management. Lease terms help ensure both parties have an understanding of rental expectations. 

Lease terms matter too. A lease should include the basics like the duration of the lease, rent amount, deposit requirements and late fees. Other basics include identifying who is responsible for paying utilities, pet and smoking rules, and specifics about how many people can reside in the apartment, to state a few.

Less obvious lease terms cover expectations surrounding communication of issues with the apartment, how long guests are allowed, new tenant requirements, and more.
When developing your lease agreement, there are several online options. Review the basic terms, and add those that make sense for your unique property – just ensure they fit within the laws of your particular state.

When working with your prospective tenants, review the lease terms in person, and allow time to answer any questions or concerns. Ensuring your tenants understand the lease terms and your specific expectations will help avoid issues down the road – making it easier for both the landlord and the tenant.

2)  Great service providers.
To truly be a great landlord, you will need great service providers to quickly resolve issues raised by your tenants. Many new property owners do not have a network of providers to call upon for various issues. Ask contacts with properties to recommend service providers, or work with a few to determine over time which providers work best with you. 

Another option is to repair and fix minor issues yourself.  This may sound daunting, but if you are handy, and can attend to minor repairs yourself. This will save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. Minor repairs, such as replacing a toilet stopper or a garbage disposal can be done without much effort and many sites offer teaching videos to help the novice.
Seasoned property management landlords establish relationships with plumbers, painters and a handyman, who may consider providing discounts if you agree to use them exclusively across a set of apartments.  

By providing excellent service to your tenants, the hope is that they will be happy, and will stay longer, reducing your turnover.

3)  Electronic payments.
Wow is this one a time saver for everyone. When our new landlord, Joe, first started renting his first property to tenants, he thought rent payments would be easy. But he quickly learned that he did not want to spend his time checking the mailbox and driving to the bank to deposit the check. And after a payment was lost in the mail, Joe began researching landlord software options. As he managed more rental properties, property management software saved Joe even more time and effort. His tenants also love the convenience of paying rent online. 

With landlord software, such as Schedule My Rent, landlords and tenants save time and effort by using electronic payments. Landlords love that rent payments are automatically deposited into their bank account with no need to worry about lost payments. Tenants love the automatic payment reminders, and the ease of having their rent payment sent each month.

Schedule My Rent enables roommates to split rent payments easily, and enables tenants to approve all payments before the amount is moved from their account. 

When you collect rent online with Schedule My Rent’s landlord software, you are well on your way to becoming a great landlord.

4)  Personalization.
Success as a landlord does mean making money on your investment. A big factor in the amount of return on your investment as a landlord is avoiding unwanted turnover. When tenants move out, there is expense in repairs, cleaning, painting and upgrading, not to mention lost income with the vacancy. 

Most experienced landlords want to avoid turnover when the tenants are good tenants. One way to reduce turnover is to personalize the tenant experience. What does this look like? Spend time at the property and check-in with your tenants. Get to know them and create a connection. By getting to know your tenants and their needs, landlords can be familiar with how to make improvements to the property. It is also important to have someone at the apartment complex who can let you know if something unusual is happening while you are not there.

The few steps shared above can give even new landlords options to becoming a great landlord. When you provide a good experience for your tenants, with property management landlord software payments, effective leases, and personalization, you can avoid unwanted tenant turnover.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

5 Ways Landlord Software can Help Property Managers

As your business grows, so does the level of stress and time you need to track rent payments and manage properties. If you’re outgrowing your current system, you should consider landlord software designed specifically for property managers.

Here are 5 ways landlord software can help property managers manage their day-to-day activities:
1.  Helps Automate your business 
Many property management tasks are time-consuming. Landlord software that automates repetitive tasks such as collecting rent, sending tenant applications, managing property renewals etc. helps give back time to property managers to focus on something else. 

2.   Makes data and reports accessible 

To keep track of payments and reporting history is difficult. The automated system helps property managers plan their business and keep track of operations. Having data accessible also saves time to look for or file printed documents. 

3.  Supports Communication with tenants 

Effective communication is the key to keeping both property managers and renters happy. For effective communication, property managers need to be able to share information easily and receive feedback. Landlord software helps you create property manager and tenant portals that support communication. 

4.  Attract Your Ideal Tenant 

Screening techniques provided by landlord software helps property managers find qualified tenants. In return, eviction rates decrease saving property managers the cost of eviction and vacant properties. 

5.  Maximizes Rent 

Nowadays individuals are looking for property managers that are keeping up with technology. Today, renters want to occupy spaces where they can pay rent online, anytime and anywhere. Offering landlord software helps attract a good tenant and in return you can maximize rent. 

Property managers have an edge as there will always be individuals or business owners who need to rent. As you develop your property management business, turn to Schedule My Rent. Our landlord software will help you save time and money over time. Contact Schedule My Rent today to learn more about how our software can change the way you do business.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Pros & Cons of Collecting Rent Online

If you normally collect rent with cash or checks then collecting rent online can be a quick way to help save you time and energy as a property manager. Property managers who have set up online rent software to collect rent online have already secured the benefits. If you are thinking about landlord software, here are some pros and cons to keep in mind if you decide to finally collect rent online.

  • Automatic payments and processes
  • Real time payments
  • Save time and energy as software collects and follows-up
  •  Easy to use software
  • Payments made anywhere anytime
  • Reliable record keeping
  • Relying on 3rd party
  • Reduced control of collecting rent in person
  • Less face to face communication
  • Withdrawal bank fees (transaction fees)
Splitting Rent Payments
Another major perk of collecting rent online is being able to split rent payments with 2 or more roommates. This is convenient for the landlord but also for tenants as each renter can pay their fair share. 

Enforcing Collect Rent Online
As the property manager it’s your responsibility to spell out the rules on collecting rent. Schedule My Rent advises its landlords and property managers to enforce the collection policy in the lease agreement. Doing this, sets the expectation up-front and minimizes any miss-communications. 

Get Paid On-time
Taking advantage of online landlord software also minimizes the amount of late payments and missed payments. Our reports show that property managers that collect rent online also have improved relationships with their tenants. 

Conclusion: It’s an Overall Benefit
Adopting landlord software makes collecting rent online easier for both landlords and tenants. The benefits outweigh the cons when referring to collecting rent online. Accepting cash and checks are options for business exchanges in the past. Schedule My Rent is happy to provide a free demo including support and training to help property managers collect rent online. If online rent collection is something you’re excited about call Schedule My Rent today!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

How to find the Best Rental Property Software?

Schedule My Rent provides landlord software to collect rent online. We believe in innovation and simplifying the role for landlords and property managers. 

We understand that you have a variety of choices on the market when it comes to rental property software. Follow these guideline to find the best one for you:
  • Figure out what solutions you need most: This may depend on how many properties you have and what your goals for the program are. Are you looking to only collect rent online or are you also looking to manage properties, send forms and letters and complete your reporting.
  • Determine what is important to you: better reports, better data, or ease of use. You will want to consider how computer savvy you or your tenants are before deciding on rental property management software.
  • Narrow down the industry you’re in: Some rental property software will differentiate depending on commercial real estate or landlords.
  •  Tailored to landlords or tailored to tenants? You can decide which features you would like to see more of, depending on your goals and what is important to your business.

Why Schedule My Rent is the Best
Schedule My Rent Landlord Software is both easy to manage and use for property managers and their tenants. You can collect rent online, track due dates and manage tenants and properties from any computer device, anywhere and anytime!
What Makes Schedule My Rent Stand Out
  •  Easy to use for both Tenants and Landlords
  • Fully customizable software: make it your own
  • 30 Day Free trial period
  •  No setup fee
  • No long term contract
  • Reliable and patient customer service
Customer Reviews
Another way to determine the best rental property software is to take a look at their reviews online. Schedule My Rent has thousands of customer reviews on google and on our website. We enjoy hearing about customer success stories and how we are making a difference in our client’s day-to-day business. We use these reviews to constantly improve our software.

If you are a landlord or property manager and have questions about rental property software, call Schedule My Rent today. We can’t wait to work with you! 

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Why Renters should use an Online Rent Payment System?

Having a landlord that accepts online rent payments creates flexibility for renters to make payments on-time. This is the best way to keep...